Repositioning a tertiary education institution to increase relevance to their target market and effectively reach an emerging generation of students.

Akademia is a flexible-study institution, creating accessible opportunities for further education for both full time and part time students. Catering to learners that are at the very start of their careers, as well as seasoned professionals seeking further education, the institution was at a crossroads in terms of their future positioning.

Finding a unique voice as part of a bigger context

Although Akademia forms part of a bigger cultural institution within South Africa, they needed to position themselves as a credible and reputable academic authority, based solely on their own achievements.

Engaging all levels of students in a meaningful way

Spread thinly across all their different market segments, the organisation needed to integrate their brand to a point where it was not only recognisable, but also representative of their core identity.

Through an extensive brand development process, the KRAFT designsmiths™ team distilled the essence of the Akademia message, and cast it into an engaging visual identity, tailored for every unique application across their marketing landscape. KRAFT designsmiths™ fully supported the Akademia team during the first phases of the brand launch, as well as with the initial implementation of the new identity.
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A completely redesigned visual identitY

The newly launched brand represents both the legacy of the organisation, as well as their vision of the future.

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A web experience that is intuitive and useful

The online home for Akademia became one of the main tools to communicate directly to current and future students.

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Marketing collateral that cuts through the noise

Fully integrated marketing collateral that is consistent with the brand fosters audience loyalty and trust.

Better internal and external alignment

The KRAFT Amplify Process enabled the Akademia team to more closely align their focuses on recruiting, marketing, sales and education.

A current and future student body that is engaged

Speaking to their audience in a way that automatically resonates enables the organisation to be top of mind when it comes to tertiary education decisions.

A respected and reputable academic institution

As a result, Akademia communicates to all its stakeholders in a confident and consistent voice, expanding on their trust and positive reputation in an industry which can not afford to compromise on either.

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