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Enabling a multi-national listed real estate investment trust to effectively identify and engage its target audience.

Attacq is a South African based property fund that develops corporate, residential, industrial and retail spaces for mixed-use applications. With an impressive real estate portfolio, Attacq stewards a significant brand presence extending to a diverse collection of sectors, industries, target markets and even nationalities.

Identifying the appropriate audience

Initially focussing exclusively on their investors as a primary audience, Attacq realised that they were not deliberately targeting their actual clients: tenants and consumers in the various retail spaces. This led to a disconnect between the company and its primary audience.

Designing a remarkable experience

As the business scaled in both complexity and capacity, there appeared to be an increasingly siloed approach between the different departments. This inevitably led to a diminished client experience, and a potential future downward curve in sales.

KRAFT designsmiths™ assisted the Attacq executive team in pivoting communications to target Attacq’s clients, by developing a tailored brand narrative and refreshing the corporate identity to fully support the renewed communications strategy. Additionally, KRAFT designed an extensive client experience development program, specifically tailored to integrate the sales, marketing and operational efforts of the Attacq team.
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A refreshed brand identity

A visual language and accompanying communication collateral that speaks to both the purpose and identity of Attacq, as well as to their specific target audience.

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Targeted and tailored marketing campaigns

Concentrated communication drives that illuminate focus areas in the business, including product launches and social impact awareness campaigns.

Internal alignment

This resulted not only in internal alignment of the Attacq executive, marketing and sales teams, but also in renewed interest in the property assets from the designated target audience.

Integration and consistency

Additionally, the effort gave rise to a fresh approach in the sales and customer relationship management focusses, the rebranding and positioning of The Attacq Foundation, as well as an initiative to roll out similarly bespoke brand strategies to all the Attacq subsidiaries on a national level.

Improved experience and increased engagement

Whether its through the live activations of the community campaigns, or the from-the-ground-up growth of the social media channels, business growth through an improved experience and increased engagement is inevitable.

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