Connecting a traditional family-based meat distributor directly to their consumers by means of a seamless, friction-free digital experience.

Chalmar Beef is a heritage family-owned business stretching back half a century involving over three generations. Their vastly established meat distribution network supply choice grade beef, mutton and lamb to some of the most reputable eateries in South Africa, directly from their own cattle farmed on their own land.

Creating a personal connectioN with the public

In contacting KRAFT designsmiths™ the company expressed a desire to distribute directly to the public, while also seeking to add value to their consumer community above and beyond their existing commodity range.

Making the experience direct and distraction free

While a makeshift online store was already in place, it did not serve the objectives of the business. A complete revamp of the functionalities and resulting user experience was long overdue.

After assessing the need and thoroughly consulting with the Chalmar executive, the KRAFT designsmiths™ team wasted no time in designing a bespoke e-commerce experience, fully tailored to the needs of the business. Additionally, the online development was supported by a wide-ranging content strategy, as well as a refreshed brand identity, further positioning the business as a preferred supplier for their direct consumer base.
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Customised and integrateD online store

The reimagined digital development directly contributed to a smoother and faster buying experience.

Relevant and accessible value-adds

Creating and distributing content established audience trust and increased consumer loyalty.

A comprehensive social media campaign

Consistently building a social media presence assisted greatly in marketing the business’ offering to a targeted segment.


Increase in online engagement

Maximising the website and online store through proven search engine marketing and optimisation strategies obliterated the bounce rate, engaging users for longer periods on end.


Increase in sale conversions

Through a combination of a credible content marketing strategy and improved experience, users more easily clicked through to complete their sales journey.


Improvement in social media engagement

The integrated design approach reaching from online store to valuable content to social media, instilled a feeling of trust, confirming the overall brand authority.

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